Lazy become crazy

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Rage is Terug
Rage is Terug 😎

Play like a flubber

  A group of participants will be bouncing a ball and pocketing using a table tennis bat 🏓.

Act and React

  A Duo will be performing the task.

Blow to win 🏆

  Blow to built a pyramid.

Balance ke Baluuda 😵

  Expect the unexpected

Oli Oli ke Aloha
Oli Oli ke Aloha 🤣


  A Gang bang event.

Monkey 🐒 Shine

  As Crazy as you .

Nutty Batty

  Currently unavailable
⚠ ⚠ ⚠

Zaruka Zabavy
Zaruka Zabavy 😂

Ringa Ringa Roses...

  Ring inside, body shaking

Baaaaaall catch ⚾

  Bowled and caught

Balloon Hub 🎈

  An unconsicious hit 🎯.

Special Event
🤔 Special Event 🤔

⁉ ⁉