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Project Expo

Conducted by Department of ECE

Project Expo provides youth with an experience in planning,preparing and displaying an article or an educational exhibit.It's an opportunity fir self-expression both verbally and visually.Project Expo also provides the opportunity to share with others what has been learned in the specific project.

Innovate your ideas !

"Bored of theoritical stuffs? wish to get engrossed in the mystery of electronics domain ? PROJECT EXPO is the right platform for you to pompard your electronics skills and to showcase your technical process."

Participate in this exciting event to put your pratical knowledge to the test."

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👨🏻‍🎓 : K.Ajith Kumar ( +91 82202 19851 )


Expo at :

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering,
University College of Engineering,
Kakuppam - Villupuram.

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